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The quality of cross-ING is based on the skills of our engineers. With our Competence Centres, we offer cross-INGers the platform to build up their passion with a team and to realise projects. That is cross-ING.

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing offers enormous potential for new constructions, or by revising existing designs to achieve new functions and a high-performance cost-benefit ratio with minimal weight and space requirements. We know the possibilities of different printing processes and the suitable choice of material.

Business & Product Strategy

Are you prepared for the future? Do you know exactly where your products and services should differentiate themselves and why? Do you strategically rely on the value, verticalization, multiplication or protection strategy or are you under cost pressure and need to increase efficiency? Maybe you want to revise your portfolio and focus more on services? We help you stay successful with cross-engineering.


The sustainability of products can be significantly influenced in the design and engineering phase. In order to make the best possible use of this potential, we at cross-ING work closely with internal experts and external partners on an interdisciplinary basis, thereby ensuring the use of "latest technology" and "best practice".
Our team is focused on identifying the sustainability levers with pragmatic approaches and realizing the potential.

DfX - Design for Excellence

Design for Excellence (DfX) starts in the early stages of the development process so that products are manufactured efficiently, cost-effectively and with the right quality.
The requirements of the value chain and the product life cycle are combined using complexity management in the product design. To support the development process, the IT environment is digitally designed throughout.


Innovation: A big word, a long way? Not necessarily...

Make something new visible and tangible. Retreat to an inspirational environment and use our processes to methodically develop new ideas into successful innovations.

Artificial Intelligence

Our dedicated team of AI experts specialize in a variety of technologies and applications such as embedded systems, quantitative analysis, predictive maintenance, process control and optimization, computer vision and IoT.

Our hands-on approach ensures we deliver innovative solutions to industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Home Automation, Sports, Wearables, Finance, Insurance, Energy, Smart Cities, Smart Farming and more. By integrating advanced techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing, we help you maximize efficiency and productivity in your operations, products and services.

Virtual Prototyping

Virtual prototyping is a process of developing and testing products or systems virtually before they are physically built. A digital model is created and tested and optimized using simulation software. Virtual prototyping offers numerous advantages such as time and cost savings, since problems and design errors can be identified and fixed in the virtual environment. In addition, it allows for quick customization of designs to meet changes and requirements.

Mechanical Engineering

Whether it is a machine, a device, a system or an instrument; it needs good and efficient functions through mechanics and mechatronics. Our engineers understand how to develop such solutions across all phases of the process, from the idea through feasibility to implementation and industrialization.

Mobile Apps

This is not about the usual applications, but about the connection of sensors, machines and devices with the IT world. These can be simple configuration apps as well as more complex applications, e.g. B. share the sensors or the means of communication of the smartphones. Whether iOS or Android, whether the target hardware is smartphones, tablets or even wearables, we develop your needs from the requirement to mockups to the connection of the cloud and databases.

Taskforce & Interim Management

Unexpected events, the sudden absence of a manager or project manager or the escalation of quality problems do not have to end in disaster or in a revision of the whole. We have some very experienced managers and leaders here who can step in. These are often also topics, such as starting a technical due diligence with M&A and combining the best in the post-merger integration (see also OPEX). Our USP's are not only the applied methodology but also to achieve sustainable solutions with a culture change.


In the highly regulated environments with constant change, such as life science, food, agriculture and forestry or, for example, security, it is absolutely necessary to strictly comply with laws and regulations. We sensitize and support our customers professionally in order to fulfill the necessary obligations promptly, for the safety of everyone involved. Let's work together in a risk-aware manner.


Do you manufacture products in small or large series and would you like to increase your productivity? Together with your team, we systematically optimize quality while simultaneously reducing costs and throughput time, regardless of whether it is about ongoing processes, new start-ups or factory starts. Our credo: Operational excellence is improving the value chain as a daily business process. Where does your organization stand? Discuss with our very experienced experts and discover your possibilities!

Power Electronics

Our engineers support you in electronics development from simulation and circuit topology to layout and the achievement of standardized standards such as environmental tests and EMC for the purpose of highly dynamic motor controls, robust power supplies and much more.

The linking of analogue and digital technology gives the developed solutions security, stability and energy efficiency.

Process Engineering

Liquids, gases, heat are our core competencies. We want to work on a sustainable industry for society and the environment. Many material flows in the company are not really in focus, but offer savings potential or cause unnecessary headaches. Waste water, coolant, exhaust gases, heat supply can be optimized just like your main product. Here we expand your capacities and develop individual solutions and strategies with our experienced engineers for an economically and ecologically sustainable future.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering considers the entire development process and ensures seamless integration of all disciplines involved. It begins with a systematic clarification and analysis of the requirements. The functionalities, dependencies and interfaces derived from this are mapped in a logical system architecture.


As a team with many years of experience in development and construction in special machine construction, we offer you solutions tailored to your needs. Together with you, we will coordinate these specifically for your requirements.

Controls / Robotic

Industry 4.0 is not something that is completely new. It is the most consistent automation possible, for example not only in batch processes but starting with the product portfolio and its structuring. This can also be simulated well and thus effectively prioritize the digitization strategy. The implementation of the automation solution can include advice on the development and construction of a cell or just the PLC software.


By integrating IoT solutions into existing systems, data can be collected, analyzed and used in real time to optimize processes and increase efficiency. The networking of machines and devices makes it possible to implement autonomous work and optimize maintenance work. By using AI and machine learning, processes can be automatically optimized and forecasts can be made for future maintenance work.


The choice of the right materials is a central pillar in the area of technical safety and performance of products and processes. Making the right decision in the area of material selection is not so easy. We support you in the selection of materials. On the one hand, to ensure the reliability of your product, but on the other hand also to support your CO2 footprint in a sustainable way.

The right choice of material is complex; trust our experience.

Web Development

This is not about the usual applications, but about the connection of sensors, machines and devices with the IT world. These can be simple configuration apps as well as more complex applications, e.g. B. share the sensors or the means of communication of the smartphones. Whether iOS or Android, whether the target hardware is smartphones, tablets or even wearables, we develop your needs from the requirement to mockups to the connection of the cloud and databases.

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