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Process Engineering

We encounter continuous material flows everywhere: in production plants, cooling water systems, cleaning processes or individual components.

With a holistic perspective, we find new approaches and synergies for a sustainable and efficient industry.

Thanks to our broad range of experience, we solve challenges with interdisciplinary cross-engineering and realize ecologically and economically future-oriented value creation.

Visionary, realistic instead of idealistic, and radical, we want to create an environmentally and human friendly process technology together.


How can my plant be operated more efficiently and safely?

We think ourselves into your plant and analyse the established processes with you. Only then do we begin to develop variants and refined innovations with an open mind. Often it is the small adjusting screws that have a big influence.

Process monitoring
Digital Twin
System simulation


Which raw materials and operating resources can be optimally processed?

The choice of raw materials has a serious impact on every step of the process chain. We support your assessment for the right raw materials with process analyses, expert opinions, validations and balancing.

Process analysis
Concept development
Risk analysis

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Can I use my waste heat?

The waste heat from a plant only belongs in the environment as a last resort. We analyze for you so that your energy flows to where it is most useful. This not only applies to heat, but also to efficient cooling!

Process monitoring
Energetic process integration


How can regulations on black media and outflows be fulfilled?
be fulfilled?

​New regulations often do not affect your core product, but the operating mode of your plant. Wastewater, exhaust gases and coolants, for example, should simply work and not tie up your resources. Our cross engineers will solve for you what you prefer to do only once.

functional integration
black media technology
wastewater treatment

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How can procedures be implemented in a technically effective way?

You have defined the goal and our experts will show you how to get there. There is always more than one solution. With a wealth of experience in a wide variety of processes and systems, we develop the optimal process for you.

process development
parametric studies
scale up
feasibility studies


How is flow or heat distributed in the process?

Almost everyone has a certain intuition, like a fluid or an energy that flows through a construction. But it only becomes exciting and efficient when this flow is analyzed and calculated in detail. Suddenly undreamt-of potentials or mistakes in thinking become obvious, which appear completely counter-intuitive.

CFD simulation
Thermal simulation


How does a flow diagram become a real plant?

A new building, conversion or expansion is pending. Experts are needed who are not only supposed to put pipes and equipment together, but who understand the processes and connections and share their motivation.

Layout drawing
Basic & detail engineering


How does the system actually work?

A system should not be a black box! With the right tests, samples and simulations, we help you to understand the process in detail. In this way you ensure quality and are able to optimize using the right parameters.

Parametric Studies / DoE
Model based engineering
System simulation

Our Services

We innovate processes:

  • In individual devices and machines

  • In existing plants

  • For the systems of tomorrow


The Team

"With our know-how and network, we can create added value for society and the environment. Together with you, we want to create a sustainable industry in Switzerland!"

Leonhart Wolscht
Chief CC Verfahrenstechnik

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Leonhard Wolscht
Chief CC Verfahrenstechnik

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