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Systems Engineering

Competence Center:

Systems engineering considers the entire development process and ensures seamless integration of all disciplines involved. It begins with a systematic clarification and analysis of the requirements. The functionalities, dependencies and interfaces derived from this are mapped in a logical system architecture. The system is broken down into subsystems down to electrical/electronic hardware, software components and services, specified and modelled in the physical system architecture to obtain an overall view of the system. This serves as the basis for implementation, verification and validation across all levels and is continuously monitored until handover to the customer. These activities are independent of the chosen project methodology and can be used from classic to agile or a combination thereof.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Konzept, Mikrochip, Geschäftsmann halten Glühbirnen und berühren AI-Infografik, Zahnräder-Icons, kreative Idee, AI-Technologie, Quantencomputer, Cloud-Computing, Automation.

How do I keep track of a complex overall system?

- Include key requirements.
- Make it clear to all stakeholders how and where the product functions will be implemented.
- Coordinate mechanics, electronics, firmware, software and even cloud.
- Define the integration steps and consider the testability of the subsystems early on.
- Be able to quickly recognise the effects of design changes
- Integrate late adjustments easily and implement them without surprises.

Die Worte Software, Hardware, Update und Upgrade sind, aus Holzklötzen gemacht, ausgelegt. Wie plane ich die Neuentwicklung meines Produkts?

How do I plan the new development of my product?

- The current status is analysed and, if necessary
    described and modelled, if necessary
- The requirements for the new product are
    are recorded
- The system context and the interaction with the
    environment/ecosystem is described
- The system architecture is developed, the
    the new functions are mapped to components
    and the processes are defined or revised
- "Old vs. new" overview is developed,
    Focus points identified and
    Reusability analysed

Digitales Transformationskonzept mit Puzzle. Zwei Hände halten je ein Puzzelteil, welche wie Bestandteile einer Platine gestaltet sind. Komplexität. Berücksichtigen. Teillastenhefte. Zusammenfügen.

How do I take product complexity into account in partial specifications?

- Requirements, system context, functions, interfaces must be clearly defined.
- Scope of delivery, acceptance criteria, schedule and intermediate phases must be taken into account.
- The specific requirements specification must be coordinated with the overall system and the own development department.
- The component must be fully and compatibly integrable at the end.
- An experienced liaison should be able to control and check the development.

Ein Mann arbeitet an einem Laptop und daneben sind mehrere elektrische Komponenten angeschlossen (Platine). Komponenten. Angaben. Entwicklung. Anleitung.

Do I have all the necessary information to develop a component?

- Requirements, system context, functions,
     interfaces are checked for completeness
  - The architecture of the solution is worked out and
     clearly shows what is part of the system and what is not.
  - The requirements specification will describe the solution approach,
     constraints, scope of delivery, plan and

Konzept der Differenzierungsstrategie. Die Unternehmen entwickeln sich, indem sie Einzigartigkeit bieten, die sich von den Wettbewerbern unterscheidet und Wettbewerbsvorteile schafft. Differenzierung von Produkt, Service und Marke. Erfolg. Produktidee. Wie erfolgreich machen?

Is my product idea promising?

Market analysis and business case must be made   
What functions would my product need to have in order to be successful in the market?   
Product or product line should be anchored in the product portfolio   
A "Go/No-Go" decision is made 
Product definition and main use cases are defined
Product feature / advantage / benefit analysis should be carried out

Agile Management, die Prinzipien agiler Softwareentwicklung und schlankes Management für verschiedene Management-Prozesse, Produktentwicklung Lifecycle und Projektmanagement. Änderungsorientiertes Konzept. Entwicklungsprozesse kombinieren.

How can I combine classic and agile development processes?

The process mix between classic and agile is defined and adapted to the needs of the company.
"Backlogs", "User Stories", "Acceptance Criteria", "Definition of Done" are understood and practised.
Roles and their tasks and responsibilities are defined
"Product managers, product owners, project managers and scrum masters know exactly how to work with the rest of the organisation.
Several teams work together on the architecture and coordinate the design.
Integration of the different system parts can be planned and executed despite agile methods.


Our Services

Business and user requirements

We help them clarify and align business and user requirements to develop a solution that meets the needs of the organisation and its users.

Market analysis

We help you to better understand the competitive environment, your target audience and potential customers.

Feature / Advantage / Benefit Analysis

We identify which functions and features are most important to provide the greatest benefit to your customers.

Business Case

We develop an objective decision-making basis for the implementation of a project.


The Team

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"Our Systems Engineering Competence Centre offers comprehensive support in the seamless integration of all disciplines in the development process of complex overall systems. We are proud to support our customers with our extensive know-how and many years of experience in the implementation of their projects."

Silviu Rata
Chief CC Systems Engineering

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