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"Additive manufacturing”, "Additive Manufacturing (AM)" or 3D printing is often associated with rapid prototyping. But AM offers much more. AM allows to push the limits of what is possible in conventional manufacturing (but not to overcome them!).

In addition to new design possibilities, AM also offers additional options in product lifecycle management.

The term “added values” is closely related to AM. With these added values, you can also use AM economically.

cross-ING supports you in recognizing your opportunities with AM in order to give your products a competitive advantage.

Turbinenrad des Flugzeugs auf einem 3D-Drucker aus Metall gedruckt. Ein Modell, das in einer Laser-Sintermaschine, Nahaufnahme erstellt wurde. Konzept der industriellen Revolution 4.0. Progressive moderne Zusatzstofftechnologie.

Is AM too expensive?

The added value can lie in the reduction in the number of parts, simplified assembly, the integration of additional functionalities (e.g. cooling or lubrication channels) and in the reduction of weight (lightweight construction) or installation space, etc. The throughput times can be massively reduced because no tools (e.g. injection molds) have to be built.

Object printed on metal 3d printer. A model created in a laser sintering machine close-up. Concept of 4.0 industrial revolution. Progressive modern additive technology.

Do I need to edit AM?

When it comes to metal printing, AM rarely does without rework. The processing of connection points or the removal of support structures is done in a conventional way with metal printing. In addition to reworking to improve the surface, thermal post-treatment is also possible.

Die 3D-Druckmaschine stellt das 3D-Prototypmodell nach Kunstharzwerkstoffen her. Die Hi-Technologie für die schnelle Prototypenmethode der 3D-Druckmaschine.

Do you visualize your ideas?

Today, AM is typically used in development departments for rapid prototyping. However, AM could be used earlier, e.g. in creative workshops. Online platforms today offer simple applications that anyone can use.

Selektive Laserbehandlung. Objekt auf Metall-3D-Drucker gedruckt. Modell erstellt in Laser Sintermaschine. DMLS, SLM, SLS-Technologie. Konzept der industriellen Revolution 4.0. Progressive Zusatzstofftechnologie.

What does design mean for AM?

As for all other manufacturing processes, there are also design guidelines for AM. Today, the components are mostly created on conventional CAD systems and, if necessary, optimized with simulation tools (e.g. FEM or CFD).

Pile of aluminum automotive parts head cylinder, casting process in the automotive industry factory.

Replacement part, production?

Many manufacturers undertake to be able to supply spare parts beyond the service life and beyond. The result: Parts and tools have to be stored and managed in a space- and cost-intensive manner. Why not check AM today as a production method for future spare parts?

Fracture of tensile test coupon for evaluate strength of material.

Can I achieve comparable quality?

Can parts be manufactured with AM in the same quality as with conventional manufacturing? Can they meet the same requirements? A technical and economic analysis can provide clarity.

Our Services

Make parts AM-ready:
Apply design guidelines optimally.

Optimize print job:
Optimization of support structures, minimization of rework.


The Team


"We know the possibilities of AM and understand how to use them correctly and for the greatest possible customer benefit."

Fabian Tunzini
Chief CC AM-Design

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