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Sustainable productivity increases require an interplay of technology and organisation throughout the entire product life cycle. cross-ING works in an interdisciplinary way. With our own experts, we keep an eye on the big picture. Our network of qualified partners guarantees practical relevance and implementation strength for a wide range of applications.

The OPEX team focuses on value creation and has a clear system for analysis and planning.

We go into implementation goal-oriented, with a "just-do-it" mentality, the necessary fault tolerance and speed of reaction.


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You want to solve more problems faster?

Did you know that 90% of the problems in a company can be solved by employees on site? In our workshops we show your teams how they can solve problems independently and methodically. Very concretely on real cases, so that after the workshop your process runs better than before. The remaining 10% of cases, however, require the problem-solving skills of experts. This is exactly where we offer support from our 6Sigma experts.


How can operational management become more effective?

Do you know this? You come to work in the morning and it takes you half the morning to understand what was going on in production and where you need support. With a fully synchronised shop floor management process, you can do this in 15-30 minutes. We design the cascading of level-appropriate performance targets with you. We structure a short-cycle reporting process and coach your operational managers. This is how you make your organisation more effective!


Promote a culture of improvement?

Of course, improvement is a matter of course in your company. But do you sometimes wonder if improvement performance could be increased? Our answer: Yes, it can. In our opinion, through the consistent development of a culture of improvement at all levels. That is a leadership issue. Do you want to talk about it? We would be happy to be your sparring partner.


How do I find out what potential there is?

We analyse your plant, your production line or your entire factory. Depending on the task, different methods are used, from time studies to production cost analysis to a comprehensive OPEX site assessment. In each case, we go on site and get our own picture. We mirror this to you and show you your potential. It is sometimes not so easy to raise the potential afterwards. We are happy to support you in this process as well.


What is the best manufacturing method for my product?

You have the product, you know the demand is there. The competition knows it too. In this situation, it is important to design your internal and external value chain competitively. We help you. With a neutral view and a structured approach, we develop alternatives and evaluate them on the basis of jointly developed criteria. In this way, you will find the right value creation system for your company on the basis of facts.


Managing industrialisation?

The decision has been made: A new design goes into production, a manufacturing facility is restructured, a new location is opened. But your project management is already working to capacity and could use support? As experienced launch managers, we move confidently in the complex field of tension between engineering and production, cost and time management. We bring your industrialisation project home on schedule.

Our Services


Analyzing potential

Designing manufacturing systemsy
Manage industrialization projects

Increase improvement


The Team

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"Our OPEX approach. 
- Productivity = Effectiveness x Efficiency x Engagement
- People make the difference
- Proven methodology, applied in a customer-specific way"

Thomas Kaiser

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