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Insights Event 2024: A look back at an inspiring event

Once a year, cross-INGenieurs from all locations gather for the annual Insights event - an event dedicated to information sharing and networking. This year was particularly exciting because Dr. Ernesto Sirolli, our Chief Innovation Officer, gave an inspiring speech that certainly had a lasting impact on many of us.

Dr. Sirolli is known for his innovative approach and passion for sustainable development. His speech focused on the importance of innovation in our industry and the role of each individual in actively shaping change. With his expertise and visionary thinking, he encouraged us to think outside the box and break new ground. Our CEO, Hans-Peter Gemperli, presented impressive figures, data and facts that reflect cross-ING's successful year. He gave a comprehensive overview of the successes and challenges that we have mastered in the past year and those that lie ahead of us. Particular emphasis was placed on the progress made in our competence centers and the expansion at various locations.

Insights into the locations showed how differently and yet harmoniously our teams work. From innovative projects in Switzerland to ground-breaking developments in our German branches - the diversity and strength of our locations were impressively presented. The competence centers were also in the spotlight. The latest developments and future projects were reported on here. These exciting insights showed how we are continuously at the forefront of technological innovation and continue to expand our expertise in various areas.

In addition to the formal presentations and talks, the Insights event offered plenty of opportunities for networking. The exchange of ideas and experiences among the cross-INGenieurs was just as valuable as the official program items. New contacts were made, old acquaintances refreshed and future collaborations encouraged. Overall, the Insights 2024 event was a complete success. It showed once again how strong and dynamic our community is. With fresh ideas, new energy and a clear vision, we are looking forward to a promising future. We are already looking forward to the next Insights and to continuing to grow and innovate together.

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