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Promotion of Repair and Sustainability: The Right-to-Repair Initiative 2023

🌍 Significant strides in the European Union in 2023 regarding the "Right to Repair"! As experts in design and engineering at cross-ING, we are thrilled by these developments that promote a more sustainable and responsible approach to product usage.

🔧 Proposal by the European Commission (March 30, 2023): A crucial step towards promoting the repair of goods and changing the current business and consumption model. The goal is to reduce premature replacement and the disposal of goods.

🏛️ Decision of the European Parliament (November 21, 2023): A groundbreaking resolution that strengthens consumer interests by promoting durable, repairable products.

🌿 European Green Deal: This initiative is a key component of the EU's green transition, aiming for a transformation into a circular economy.

💡 Repair Incentives (October 25, 2023): New measures encouraging consumers to repair products instead of buying new ones. They include access to affordable replacement parts and more choices, helping EU consumers save approximately 12 billion euros annually.

These advancements are a clear indication of the EU's commitment to supporting repair and sustainable consumption. At cross-ING, we take pride in assisting our clients in these areas and collectively making a positive contribution to sustainability and the circular economy.

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