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Dein CV-Upgrade und must-have für alle Ingenieure
Who is interested in YOUR knowledge?
The resume is the heart of every application and at the same time the entrance ticket to the dream job. This is precisely why you should stand out from the competition and make an impression. In cooperation with HR experts and recruiters, cross-ING has developed a personalized skills check, which describes the most important skills of engineers and provides an optimal overview.
Do YOU know everything?
We have noticed that engineers often do not disclose all their skills in their CVs, simply because the importance of them may not be clear to them yet. At our booths, YOU benefit exclusively from our free skills check and get the opportunity to stand out with YOUR resume. We take the time to check YOUR skills together with YOU. Afterwards, YOUR certified document about YOUR skills will be available to supplement YOUR resume, so that YOU can get closer to YOUR dream job!
We look forward to seeing YOU!
March 2, 2023: Conecto ZHAW, Winterthur
March 21, 2023: Career Services East, Buchs
March 22, 2023: Kontaktgespräch HSLU, Luzern
March 22, 2023: FHNW Career Day Technik, Windisch
March 29, 2023: Career Services East, Rapperswil
April 25, 2023: Polymesse, Zurich
May 9, 2023: Career Day BFH, Biel
May 10, 2023: ConnectMesse, Constance

Further fairs will follow...

Di, 14.05.2024

Career Day BFH, Biel

Mi, 15.05.2024

Connect HTWG, Konstanz

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