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New Manager at cross-ING Stuttgart: Continuity and Fresh Impulses

We are happy to announce an exciting development within the management team at cross-ING Stuttgart.

Andrea Succolowsky, whose remarkable commitment and expertise have steered our Stuttgart site, will now focus more on her role as Chief Competence Center Automation. Andrea and her team have been instrumental in establishing and nurturing our site's success. They will continue to play a crucial role in shaping the future of cross-ING with their vast knowledge and experience.

As we move into April, Marc Roll will step into the role of site manager. Marc Roll brings with him fresh perspectives and a keen emphasis on enhancing our services, positioning him perfectly for this responsibility. His dedication to excellence and innovation signals a bright future for our Stuttgart site, reinforcing our ongoing mission to offer premium solutions and services to our clients.

Thank you Andrea Succolowsky for your exceptional contributions and warmly welcome Marc Roll to your new position.

This transition highlights our dedication to growth at cross-ING Stuttgart. Together, we eagerly anticipate a future where we continuously expand and refine our capabilities and services, to the benefit of our clients and the entire cross-ING family.

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