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Competence Center:


A team of highly motivated people with many years of entrepreneurial management experience in the areas of product innovation, intellectual property rights policy, corporate process and quality development will be happy to support and advise you in the above-mentioned subject areas, from analysis and the development of solutions to implementation. 


Should the value creation strategy be changed?

M&A, tech transfer, make or buy, gl. sourcing?
New business models for your own market?
Technical, technological expertise for M&A?
New differentiators sought?


Have we protected copiers' products well?

Product protection strategy, what, how, where, how long?
How do I turn good ideas into valuable patents?
Relevance analysis of patent portfolio?
Patent value assessment for annual review?
Budgeting of patent costs?
Competitor analysis, patent avoidance?
Keeping track of competitor patent applications?
Continuous overview of my intellectual property rights?
Patent information for technology, marketing, sales?


For which markets would my core competence also be valuable?

What are my core competencies?
New solutions with my core competences?
New markets with my core competencies?


Are we still up-to-date in business?

Where are we market leaders, where is there potential in technology, engineering and operations?
Are there market and social trends that could be exploited?
Do we know the technical and technological trends, do we know the opportunities and risks for new products?
Are the internal business processes lean and efficient?


Are we taking advantage of the opportunities of digitalisation?

All your business processes are continuous and digitised?
All data is created only once and is directly available for further processing?
There is no redundant data (data management) and no manual data transfer from engineering to manufacturing?
Your products are digitally developed and all associated data can be found and made available in a transparent and traceable manner?


Do we have the right quality in products and processes?

Do they manage the quality of their products and processes?
Is the quality of their processes free of defects and are the processes efficient?
Have they defined the quality of their products and do they check it continuously?
Do they record quality problems consistently and transparently and solve them accordingly?
Do they also record process problems and solve them comprehensibly?


Are our products customer-oriented, configurable and economical?

Meeting customer needs with easily configurable products?
Products are well structured for customers and for flexible manufacturing and management?
Standardised modules and interfaces allow high variability?
High variability appeals to a larger customer base!
Individualised products lead to greater customer satisfaction!

Arbeiten mit Finanzdokumenten

Are we getting the most out of our development budget?

Growing in the traditional market with new business models?
Are you growing in your traditional market with completely new business ideas?
Are they growing by acquiring companies (M&A) and looking for technical, technological expertise?
Are their competitors catching up and looking for new differentiators?

Our Services


Value creation strategy
Product protection strategy, IP strategy
New markets with own core competence
Up to date in business
Opportunities of digitalization
Configurable standard products
Optimal use of development budget

Das Team

Peter Busenhart_edited.png

"Our passion is the sustainable solution of problems in connection with a clear benefit.​"

Peter Busenhart
Chief CC Business & Product strategy

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